About Me

The reason why I wanted to start a blog was to get my ideas out of my head, and share them easily.

Just me giving away some tips and tricks that I used in my life. And then perhaps it would resonate with the readers and help them in there daily life. 

I am not a certified coach and I dont have any education in the field that I am writing about. I have just read allot of books, and applied some of the principles that I read into my own life. Some to great success. 

It is also fun for me to write. To sit down and think about what to share, and then formulate it and make it as easy as I can for it to be understood. It is so much that could be said on the subjects, but I feel like I have to make it short and easy to not make it into a manual.

You see I have never been extraordinary in social situations because I felt so shy. And then I felt stuck because I could not be like my friends, who where outgoing and so at ease with it. I had naturally allot of questions on how to become that guy ho could express himself freely and just connect with whoever he wanted. 

So when I first started it was about how to connect with people. Then it grew to how do I express my self in an attractive way. Then it grew further to how do I become more happy and at ease in the world. And then in the end, it grew to how do I manifest and live my dreams and desires.

It is all about the journey fore me. To live and experience the greater experience and really enjoy the feeling of it. To write this blog is actually an extent of that idea. Because that is what this is all about fore me. I would never have started this blog if it didn’t feel good, to sit and write and share. 

For me to know that someone might read this and get something out of my post is a great feeling. I would not have been here today if I did not typed in to google «How to be more social». Thats search changed everything for me back in 2006 when I was 18 years old and very frustrated. 

After 2 weeks of reading forum post and blogs on the internet, people in my class said to me, «wow you have changed, look at you». That was one of the greatest compliments I have ever gotten. Because that was a huge milestone fore me. A victory.

So this blog will be about me sharing ideas, tips and tricks, and me being myself in my life. 

The boring facts (for some). I am 33 year old man, I live in Norway, Oslo. 

The rest, well.. it might just find it self into this blog.